Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

The website is having an online booking request form and is not a confirmed assurance for booking/availability of the rooms from hotel end.

We will call back/email/communicate with the request sender and will manually confirm the booking as per our process.

Your basic information shared on the booking request form shall not be shared by any other party/source and will be confidential at our end.


Whilst care is taken to guarantee that The Whispering Inn website is as up to date and exact as could be expected under the circumstances, no responsibility can be taken by The Whispering Inn for any errors or omissions contained thus. Besides, responsibility for any misfortune, harm or misery coming about because of adherence to any advices, suggestions or recommendations made through this website.

All text, images, graphics, and other materials on this website are subject to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of The Whispering Inn. The pictures used on the website are real pictures of the hotel premises and are sole property of "The Whispering Inn". These substantials may not be reproduced, distributed, adapted or reposted to other websites without the express in writing permission of The Whispering Inn.

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