8 Reasons why Hotels are the Best Companion for Travels

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What do you decide: an apartment, a private room, a guesthouse or perhaps a hostel? In the context of the international travel study, a significant proportion of the respondents stated that preference was given to hotels as a tourist accommodation. More specifically, more than 50% of respondents from 16 of the 20 participating countries stated that they preferred to stay in hotels on vacation.

Each type of accommodation has its advantages and disadvantages, but hotels are still a reliable, convenient and straightforward option.

Here are the main reasons why hotels are still the best accommodations on the road.


Need help finding theater tickets? A good restaurant? Or a quick transfer? Call the reception! Usually, the employees of Manali 4 star hotels know each other in every city district and can help you quickly with all wishes, which they usually also like to do.

You forgot the charger for your mobile phone, or you locked out of the hotel room? Do not worry; it’s their job to give you a stress-free day.

Worldwide availability

Maybe you’re the spontaneous type of travel, and you’re not interested in planning every detail of your adventure. The great thing about Manali 4 star hotels is that you always find one wherever you are in the world – walking around in Manali as well as chasing hidden treasures of Bangkok.


Holiday should be relaxed time without worrying about the ballast of everyday life. If you choose best hotels in Manali as a travel accommodation, you will be able to book with ease and comfort.

They vary from hotel to hotel but usually include room cleaning, complimentary toiletries, room service, laundry service, Internet access, towels, and linens. Also, you can use leisure facilities in many hotels such as a swimming pool, a fitness center or a spa.

Location, Location, Location

To get to know a new place, you need to know how to get from A to B quickly. Best hotels in Manali are usually located in a central location, close to transport links and major attractions, and offer easy access to airports.

You will not have to walk several times or ask every two minutes, and the hotel staff will be happy to explain how best to achieve the goals of your choice.

Easy, quick booking

Short-term plan change? Thanks to modern technology, the booking of a hotel room is a children’s game – a few clicks on your display, and you have already secured yourself a bed for the night.


Hotels are suitable for all types of travelers

Are you out with the whole family? Hotels are among the most accessible travel accommodations – whether you are traveling with children or a disabled family member. With uniformly high service standards and facilities, luxury hotel Manali are suitable for guests of all ages and can meet all unique travel requirements.


Hotels make it their duty to offer their guests a safe environment. The security measures differ from country to country, but most hotels meet the security standards at best!

Regarding security is nothing about an “uneventful” holiday.

The option of luxury

Do you dream of living like a celebrity for one night? In contrast to other travel arrangements, a luxury hotel Manali can fulfill this dream.

Best Hotel in Manali Tariff According To Budget

Business travelers do not have an overview of the volume generated by their company as a whole. Choosing a lower rate found on the net one-off does not contribute to consolidating a number of bookings or gaining bargaining power during rate negotiations of the company.

Best Hotel in Manali Tariff

Promotional rates vs. negotiated rates

As business travelers, we should not waste our time or that of the company to seek Best Hotel in Manali Tariff.  The increased transparency provided to the public through the online travel agencies and sites for price comparison creates difficulty understanding types of rates: for example, we could have found a lower rate on the non-refundable hotel website, but compare it to a fully flexible rate that the company has negotiated.

“The idea asserted that ‘if you spend enough time looking for a hotel room on the Internet, you can find a cheaper rate’ is not wrong, but misleading.”

What induces travelers to leave the parameters of the travel policy, it is not only the desire to find a lower price for best hotel in Manali tariff, but also the need to have a wider choice.

However, since the non-adherence to corporate travel policy undermines the company’s ability to leverage on booking volumes to negotiate hotel rates effectively and to maximize the potential savings, companies need a choice of hotel meetings the needs of their employees traveling to the lowest price that takes into account the booking conditions.

In fact, effective tariff negotiations must take into account both the choice of price and mix of available rates is a decision in the hands of the company. The lowest budget hotel in Manali tariff may not be the most convenient because the negotiated rates often include local transport or transfer from and to the airport, breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking and other services that contribute particularly appreciated employee satisfaction on a business trip.

For years, hoteliers have told us again and again that it is necessary to educate the public about the actual value of tariffs better. It is even more essential today, view and given the plethora of sites for searching of budget hotel in Manali tariff and purchase offers.

So, while travelers have access to more and more choice for their holidays, hoteliers link all of a hope: that even their market follows the trend already experienced by the market for air flights, where more and more consumers choose to book directly. This will be the near future?

What is the real hotel of strength? Better if it’s something that your competitors do not have: those who visit your site, you will remember that with the spectacular panoramic terrace overlooking the sea and sunset. If you have that something extra, do not be afraid to shoot it on the front page: show it to surprise and amaze your next guests.

No matter if your hotel does not have a roof terrace. Enhance what you have, focus your communications on a unique element: it can be your award-winning restaurant, the proximity to a specific attraction or tourist infinity pool with water heated to 30 ° C.

Spend the Best Holiday Time with Family in Kullu Manali, India

Enjoying holidays in India will bring you a fantastic fun and entertainment all the time. The country includes many magnificent destinations which are full of natural beauty, exotic beaches, colossal hills, beautiful lakes, ancient milestones, heritages, and much more. For fun loving holidays with family, you can visit any hill stations in India. For instance, KulluManali is an ideal hill station in India to plan for vacations with family. Based in the Himachal Pradesh, state of India, the destination is known for natural beauty, lush hills, stunning hotels, bars, temples, and greenery around the corner. You will be delighted to explore the mesmerizing beauty of sky kissing mountains and its valleys that look so stunning and are perfect for photography. So, if you want to cherish such pleasures in the city, you need to book for the best Kullu Manali holiday tour packages offered by the leading tour operators in India.

Apart from that, tourists will get more bounties when they stay in the luxury hotels in Manali. The city is full of outstanding accommodations, which provide world-class facilities and royal hospitality to the global tourists and guests. You will find different room categories in Manali’s luxury hotels like Deluxe, Diamond, Heart, Royal suite, Spades, etc.  Booking rooms in any category will get you the best facilities like Wi-Fi, Mini bar, attached bathroom, LED TV, and much more. Besides, tourists will get the best housekeeping and hospitality services in luxury accommodations of Manali. Moreover, you can delight the taste of delicious Indian cuisines, and continental food in hotels. Apart from that, the hotels offer many other benefits like the sports club, bar, swimming pool, etc., where you can get more fun and enjoyment with friends.

Last but not the least; you will experience more pleasures of life in the best hotels in Manali located nearby lush hills and green valleys of the city. Most of the tourists like to book rooms in such hotels, which offer rooms having a balcony that lets them explore the beautiful view of nature and picturesque sightseeing of green areas of the city. The whole scene will be mesmerized and full of beauty that you surely want to capture into your camera. At such accommodations, you can take a rest and enjoy stunning views of sunset and sunrise from a hotel room in Manali. So, whenever you visit Manali for the holidays, try to book hotels nearby hills and other lush areas of the city. For this, you should book a room in advance, as many tourists book rooms in such hotels before many days. So, be the first one to book rooms in hotels byManali’s hotels and be ready to experience unlimited holiday fun all the time.

The tourists want to get more fun and enjoyment; they should also visit the renowned restaurants and bars in Manali. In such places, you can eat tasty Indian food and enjoy dance, music, and games as well. In bars of Manali, you can enjoy your favorite liquors, snacks, and music as well. So, it would be so much fun at the bars and restaurants of Manali that will leave you enthralled forever.

Thus, your holiday tour in KulluManali will be a fun loving and memorable traveling experience for sure.

Simple Tricks to Book Right Hotel in Manali

During the holiday planning, to find the hotel takes a lot of time. After all, you do not just need to decide where exactly you want to stay, but also to develop some strategy: Do you need to book right now or better wait in the hope that the number will fall in price. But if I am now booking best hotels in Manali on one site, and then see a better deal at another? What if I changed plans, and I will have to change the date?

Booking a luxury hotel Manali can become a walk through a minefield – so we talked with a former travel agent and online recorded insider tips to get a hotel room at the best price.

We booked a suite, and it proved to be the standard?

Pay attention to the fact that for the room you book. Often there are inconsistencies: for example, the number, which is an online travel agency site, will be standard on the hotel’s website. Before you make your reservation, it is necessary to find it at the best hotels in Manali website to see what you book. Pay attention to what they are including room rate – free breakfast and bars are expensive.

Look for a return fare

The return rate is usually 5-10% higher than normal, but thanks to him, you will have a chance to save in the long run. First, you can change the date, and secondly, it serves as a kind of insurance. If you book a room via a return fare, but will continue to search fo – and at some point find a room at a lower price (even in the same luxury hotel Manali), you can book it and then cancel your reservation via a return fare and be proud of your skill. Some hotels let customers cancel reservations up until the last day, so you will have plenty of time on trying to find the favorable offer. Just do not forget to read the cancellation policy carefully in advance.

Try to avoid dates that are in high demand

It is unlikely that you will want to come to any city at a time when there is a large-scale conference or buzzing carnival, and scored all around, from public transportation to restaurants. You also would not like to pay an exorbitant price for the room, simply because all of these people come from. Prices for 4 star hotels in Manali during major trade fairs, conferences, and sporting events are growing, so before you plan a vacation, use Google, to look at the calendar of events in the city.

Trust the opinion of other travelers

Since there is an accepted system of star hotels, you cannot be sure that the 4 star hotels in Manali will have the same amenities as a five-star hotel in Stockholm. Therefore it is necessary to assess the reviews of your predecessors. What do the recent guests of the building, rooms, service, and in general the relationship between price and quality? Their pictures differently characterize the hotel than the promotional photos of the hotel? A few minutes spent reading reviews can help you avoid a few nights of regret.

Honeymoon Delights In Manali

Settled at the height of 1950 mtrs, Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India.  The enigmatic place was once used as the trade route to Khotan, Ladakh, and Yarkand. Snowy peaks, lush green trees, deep valleys and high mountains are some of the major highlights of Himachal’s Manali. It is believed that saint Manu began his life here, after maha pralaya. Manu temple is built in Manali and it is said that he meditated for entire life there. The beautiful destination can inspire any poet to write on nature and beauty. Honeymoon package hotel in Manali offers you the chance to explore these destinations without any hassle.

Manali is a great place to enjoy honeymoon, the beautiful place offers you to grab enigmatic natural scenes to fall in love again with your partner. High peaks, beautiful mountains, apple orchards, deep valleys, serene lakes and wild flowers are some of the major highlights of Manali. Now, you can also relive your love again with the most romantic destinations of Himachal by simple reserving honeymoon package hotel in Manali.

Hadimba Devi Temple

Built in 1533 A.D., Hadimba Devi temple was dedicated to wife of Bhima, Hadimba Devi. This temple has four pagoda roof. The religious place is famous for carved doors. Hadimba Devi Temple is located between the deodar forests.

Manu Temple

This beautiful temple is devoted to saint Manu who is considered as the beginner of mankind after Kal Yuga. Located at the river Beas bank, the ancient temple was built in the year 1992. The overcrowded area near Manu temple attracts a huge range of visitors to the destination.

Vashisht Kund

The tiny hamlet near Manali is known as Vashisht Kund, it is famous for hot springs with medicinal properties. It is believed that Vashisht Kund’s water can treat skin diseases. The best part is that the spring area is separated for men and women.


The biggest village in Kullu, Jagatsukh is really a beautiful destination to visit. If you are planning to visit Jagatsukh, don’t forget to visit Goddess Sandhya Devi temple and Lord Shiva temple. Select from best honeymoon package tours in Manali to make your vacations worth remembering.

Solang Valley

Solang valley is a beautiful valley in between the Beas Kund and Solang village. Solang valley has snow covered peaks and glaciers which give a perfect location for skiing and other adventure attractions. An annual skiing festival is held here in winter. The Solang valley also has a shrine of lord Shiva at the top of the hill.


Naggar is another enchanting village to visit in Himalayas. Just 12 kms. away from Manali, this beautiful village was once the capital of Kullu. Nowadays, it is famous as a tourism destination. Other major attractions of Naggar are Tripura Sundari temple and Naggar Fair.

Rohtang Pass

Known as the pile of corpses, Rohtang pass is located at an altitude of 3987 mtrs. This famous pass remains open from May to November only. This rage remains covered with snow throughout the year.

There are a lot of attractions to visit in Manali where you can enjoy your vacations. The more you explore, the more you will feel joyed and entertained. Select best honeymoon package tours in Manali and get ready to enjoy your holidays.

Best Way and Time to Book Hotel Room in Manali and Save Money

If you want to know the best time to book Manali hotel best package within your budget, travel experts have some useful tips to save time, trouble and money.

Do you have to travel during the high season?

If you need to plan ahead due to professional or school calendars, the best time to book Manali hotel best package is as early as possible, at least a month in advance. The hotel management is open to arrangements that make guests happy.

Use this old travel tip to your advantage. The best time to book a hotel in a popular destination is the off season. Booking just before and after the high season can allow you to take a ski vacation at affordable prices on deserted slopes, in November or April.

What is your flexibility as a traveler?

Are you looking for better rates or availability? The more flexible your schedule, the better your chances of finding the best time to book Rooms Package in Manali. In many places, you can even change your reservation for a better rate without penalty.

Change your reservation for a Monday to Thursday stay at a popular hotel for weekend getaways. Book Rooms Package In Manali at a good price on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, when business travelers have left their favorite hotels. The more the hotel is empty, the lower the price.

Have you done any research?

A little research can bring a great reward. By searching online or by calling directly, you can learn a lot about the worst or the best times to book a hotel. For best rates and availability, try some of these hotel booking strategies:

  1. Tour the hotels

Going on a trip without reserving anything and going around the hotels once you arrive at your destination is good way of finding the hotel of your dreams. Indeed, you can ask the reception to visit a room, and if you do not like it, you can look for another hotel more to your liking.

  1. Book by phone

Booking your Rooms Package in Manali Hotel by calling the hotel reception offers a lot of benefits. On the one hand, most hotels do not require any deposit at the time of booking. On the other hand, reservations on the phone offer you a great deal of flexibility: in the case of a last-minute change (deferred travel, a person in more or less in your group), it is easier to change a reservation made over the phone than on the Internet.

  1. Hotel website

Reserving Rooms Package in Manali Hotel from the hotel’s website makes it possible to avoid the constraints of the telephone (no language barrier and international call) and sometimes allows you to benefit from special offers.

  1. Hotel comparators

Let’s imagine you were planning to go to Manali. How to find the hotel of your dreams among the thousands of hotels that the city has to offer? It’s simple: use a hotel comparator. Hotel comparison websites allow you to filter the hotels according to the number of stars, the location of the hotel, the opinions of previous guests, the price or the equipment of the hotel (WiFi, swimming pool, etc.).

4 Stars Best Luxury Hotels in Manali for Stay

Situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is an enchanting place that tempts 1000’s of visitors every year. Settled just 250 km. away from Shimla, Manali is well known as the Queen Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is believed that Saint Manu began his life here after Maha Pralay. Manali holds a rich culture and significant heritage. Nowadays, it is considered as the cosmopolitan hill station, people from various places are migrating here to settle down.

Manali 4 star hotels offer luxurious comfort and unlimited entertainment to tourists who come here to enjoy their vacations. You can reach here to release the stress of hectic urban life. One can enjoy adventurous routes from Chandigarh to Manali by driving 18 hours journey without getting bored with the natural scenic beauty. Explore the beauty of flowing springs emerging from the mountain that gets fused into River Beas. Don’t forget to capture the beauty of snow covered mountains at the National highway route.

The best part is that Manali offers a huge range of resorts and hotels. Luxurious facilities and delicious dishes are something that makes these places ideal choice for business trips, vacations and honeymoons.

Highlighting features of the place, food and activities are taken into account in the planning of a good walk, but without a doubt, one of the most important is the hotel and here we tell you what services should take into account when choosing one. Continue reading

Happening Places in Manali: A Perfect Option for Tourists

Manali is a valley of wandering lust situated in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of the Kullu Valley; it is often pronounced as KulluManali. It is a popular tourist place known for serving the gateway to Lahaul&Spiti district as well as Leh. Manali is known for its astonishing hills and the various temples with sightseeing spots, which attracts the largest number of tourists for their vacations. You will amaze through the best happening place in Manali, just feel the love in the air of Manali with your loved ones.

Must visit spots

There are lots of must visit places along  with adventure spots are:

Rohtang pass is best known for its picturesque views of the valley and with various hidden waterfalls. It is located near river Beas and Chenab, which add another beauty for Rohtang tourist.

Hadimba temple named in the name of Hidimba Devi, dedicated to the RakshashaHidimba, wife of PandavaBhima. It is situated at the top hillock covered by thick deodar forests and was built in 1553. With its distinctive architectural style magnetized the tourists.

Vashist hot water springs  are four or five kilometers away from Manali and are situated across the Beas river, popular due to sulfurous hot water springs; you can enjoy this in privacy in the Turkish style bath house. This village is also famous for its stone temples which are dedicated to local saint Vashishta.

Salang valley is best known as ‘snow point’ a complete sightseeing place for you and your family to share the emotions with adventure sports like skiing, parachuting, and Paragliding, etc. This place is also famous for its trekking hotspots in the region and the views from the top of the point is outstanding

The Beas river is the heart of Kullu Valley and famous for camping spots and water spots, which gives you complete enjoyment with excitements. The tourist comes here for rafting, and shores of the river Beas are well-known picnic spots where you can relax with your loved ones.

Sultanpur Palace with its amazing scenery of the many wall paintings and its marvelous blend of Pahari style architecture and colonial style. It is also formerly called as the Rupi, built on the remnants of the older, is one of the tourist spots in Manali

Best places to stay in Manali

Manali has an array of best locations to stay in manali, and they will keep you excited all through your stay in the hill station. For amazing experiences are Mall Road which is lined with the hotels and restaurants or you can stay near the Beas river in the cottages, and there are many Manali hotels near tourist places with restaurants,  and luxury resort, which will make the romantic trip and pleasant honeymoon for the couples.

best luxury hotel in manali

The best time to visit Manali is during the summer has moderately cool climate with the average temperature of 10 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius. To experience the amazing and romantic trip in Manali, you must book a luxury hotel in Manali to avoid high charges.

Experience the Real Pleasure of Holidays at Kullu Manali Hotels

India is a right country to spend holidays with family. The country boasts its worth through enigmatic beauty and diversity that depicts in its culture, tradition, language, and much more. If you are looking for the best holiday spots in India, you can plan for vacations at KulluManali as well. It is counted among the finest hill stations in the country and based out in Himachal Pradesh state in India. Most of the tourists love to visit at KulluManali for holidays with family and dear ones. Apart from that, it is also a wonderful honeymoon destination for newly wedded couples around the world. The city is known for its magnificent natural beauty, picturesque sightseeing, and amazing hotels or restaurants. Many tourists like visit Manali to spend vacations and cherish the natural beauty of colossal hills and lush valleys in the city. Besides, you will be amazed to see beautiful lakes, and natural vistas spread around the corner of Manali. All in all, there is so much to explore in the city like Kullu and Manali for global tourists.

If you want to stay in Manali, you should opt for the best luxury hotels in Manali. It will be an amazing experience for you to take a rest in the beautifully designed luxury hotels in the city. The luxury accommodations in Manali may offer you fully furnished rooms in diverse categories like Royal Suite, Diamond, Hearts, Delux, Spades, etc. The rooms available in such categories are adorned beautifully and are equipped with basic to advance level amenities like mini bar, tea or coffee maker, newspaper, wi-fi, LED TV, and lots more. Apart from that, luxury hotels in Manali offer lots more for fun and entertainment of tourists such as swimming pool, sports club, bar, music, etc. Thus, tourists can experience the best time at the finest luxury accommodations in Manali.

It would be wise to book rooms in Manali hotels located nearby colossal hills. There are many five or four star hotels in manali city where you can stay and take a pleasure of royal hospitality, delicious Indian food, music, quality housekeeping service, etc., at affordable charges. Usually, the hotels with best views in Manali are always in high demand and get overbooked by global tourists in advance. It is so because such hotels are located nearby lush hills of Manali. So, you can explore the stunning beauty of colossal green hills from the balcony of your hotel room and make photography of natural sightseeing along with hills from hotel room easily. It will be an advantage to booking rooms in hotels nearby hills in Manali. So, if you also want to experience such pleasure in the city, so you should book rooms in such accommodations in advance.

For more fun and entertainment in Manali, you should visit the top-notch bars in the city. At such places, you can enjoy your favorite drinks or liquors, snacks, music, and much more. It will be a great fun all round you at the finest bar in Manali that will make your mood and give ultimate fun time to experience for sure. Thus,  your tour to KulluManali will be memorable and fun filled for sure.

A complete Hotel experience at Manali, India’s favorite hill station

Located in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh, the charming town of Manali has emerged as a hotspot for tourists from across India as well many foreign tourists. The town offers an assortment of activities and even a short stay here is bound to leave any traveler overwhelmed. Manali is among the most popular destinations in India, with an interesting history behind it. The place was named after the Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Manu and was popular with the British during its rule in India. With its small population, Manali acts as a safe haven for people looking to indulge in the beauty of peace and tranquility. But there’s more to Manali than its idyllic view as the town offers tourists a lot of excitement. There are a number of 4 star hotels in Manali for the luxury traveler and a number of restaurants that offer delicious cuisines.

4 star hotels in Manali

For the outdoor traveler, there’s the choice of riverside camping and a trekking which takes one through places like Solang Valley and Jogini falls. Taking a challenging trek in the winters through Rohtang Pass is an exhausting but fulfilling way to test one’s physical capabilities. There’s also the choice of engaging in an adrenaline rushing Paragliding experience over Solang Valley. Travelers can put up in a relaxing boutique hotel in Manali after a long day outdoors and enjoy a nice spa session.

For a plush experience, there’s The Whispering Inn. One of the best locations to stay in Manali, The Whispering Inn is complete with almost all amenities a traveler could possibly look for in a hotel. The Cafe Brew Master is a cafe with excellent food and service, and gives a warm feel with its wood finish. Anyone looking to enjoy a drink in Manali will find comfort in L’Chaim Bar located within The Whispering Inn. The bar in Manali provides a feeling of old world charm and serves a wide variety of cocktails and superior liquor brands.

Under One Roof, a fine dining restaurant offers guests a wide variety of cuisines and has something for everyone. Complemented by music and cocktails, Under One Roof is the perfect place to enjoy good food, drinks, and conversation with friends and family. The restaurant also serves guests dishes of their choice that are not included in its menu.

For those looking for entertainment or maybe some dance music, the M Lounge delivers in spades. Special cocktails with live DJ music fills the place, making it the place to be at during the night. This is the happening place in Manali for travelers to experience, especially towards the end of their stay in the town.

Visiting Manali is an experience to remember. The hospitality and friendly attitude of the locals here will make any traveler feeling overwhelmed. The town may not be very large in area, but Manali is a place that will require at least a week or two for a memorable trip. Newlywed couples can also opt for honeymoon packages for a complete and luxurious holiday in Manali.